Installing Drupal

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Download and Upload the Drupal package

Go to and download the Drupal installation package.


Upload and unpack the Drupal installation package to your web server.

Create the Database. You can create a database using PhpMyAdmin.
You will need to note the basic database information needed:

  • Host name
  • Database name
  • Database Username
  • Database Password

Installation Process

Point your web browser to the URL of your website to start installation.

Run the installation script and go through the process:

Choose the standard profile for installation. Click save and continue.


Choose your language. Click save and continue.


Fill in the database information.

  • Database type
  • Database name
  • Database username
  • Database password


In the Advanced Options, you have the option to fill up additional information like the database host, port or table prefix. Click save and continue.


Drupal is now installing, wait until the installation completes.


Fill up the Site Information and create an account for the administrator.


Under Server Settings select the necessary information then click save and continue.


You have successfully installed Drupal. You may now start modifying your website.


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