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richardpaler October 2014 Posts: 14


  • I've also been encountering errors when trying to access the site from www.southernleyte.gov.ph. However, I can access my site when i remove the domain prefix www and just use the domain southernleyte.gov.ph. I think it has something to do with how the server is configured.
    Tried it in different browsers and different computers, still the same.
  • voltzjeturian November 2014 Posts: 111 Hi @richardpaler,
    Thank you for reporting this issue.
    The issue is that the DNS of your domain has no available cname (www domain) that is why the www is not working while without the www is working fine. We will now process your request to enable the with www of your domain.
    If anyone has the same case as this please email us at [email protected]
    Thank you!
  • stephazarias December 2014 Posts: 18 @richardpaler
    A www cname is already added to your domain. However, please note that the use of the www subdomain is already outdated. You can browse through this site No-www for more information.

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