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  • rommelrodriguez October 2014 Posts: 33 Hello. Pls look into this technical issue asap. I'm editing some custom modules, whenever I click "Save" it persistently says:
    "The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator. Your support ID is: 15508970178238236314" . 
    I already tried clearing the browser's history, cache and cookies; I even tried in another pc, with different browsers, reset my router, etc. but still I'm getting the same error. Problem could be in the server side? I only experience it this morning; yesterday and the past days, ok pa.
  • ronaldcaluyo October 2014 Posts: 1 Accepted Answer Hi, I also experienced this problem since October 24, 2014 up to now. Our website is kabacan-water.gov.ph. it seems that it is a server side update or security that prevents us from accessing the website. Please help us regarding this matter.
  • voltzjeturian October 2014 Posts: 111 Hi @ronaldcaluyo , kindly reupload the whole copy of your site.
  • voltzjeturian October 2014 Posts: 111 Accepted Answer @rommelrodriguez, kindly please check if it is now working
  • rommelrodriguez November 2014 Posts: 33 @voltzjeturian It is now working.. may i know what causes such issue?
  • voltzjeturian December 2014 Posts: 111 The error is very generic and it may causes by a lot of factors. This differs to each and every application and action that you do. Anyway, if you receive such error, please email us on [email protected]

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