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  • carljamesnacional April 2014 Posts: 1

    If the Department already has an existing website using the required template, how long will it take to be on production?

    what will be the steps that will be taken for this?

  • joannarullan April 2014 Posts: 34 Hi @carljamesnacional. Is your website already hosted in the GWHS? If not yet, kindly submit the Government Hosting Requirements posted in this page - GWHS Application Requirements
     Around 2 to 3 working days to process your requirements. During that period, we will give account and configure the DNS, then it is up to your office how long you can upload your website.
  • rommelrodriguez May 2014 Posts: 33 I just got my cpanel accounts on both the development and production servers. What will I do next? I have my website hosted in localhost, developed in Joomla 3.1 using gwt template. How will upload it to dev server and be able to edit/view it online?
  • caroldelacruz May 2014 Posts: 3 rommel, please visit GWHS Resources Page to download instructions on how to upload content in cpanel. You need to get your sql from your localhost and zipped file of your website. After uploading in cpanel, you can view your site using the url http://gwhs-dev.i.gov.ph/~username for the development server, while for the production server, you need to get the ip address from Ms. Steph which will be configured in the DOH DNS. 
  • rommelrodriguez June 2014 Posts: 33 maam carol, anytime ba pwede na ko mg upload sa production server?
  • stephazarias June 2014 Posts: 18 If we have already given you a production account, yes.
  • rommelrodriguez June 2014 Posts: 33 OK. What happens to our dev server page/access once we uploaded to the prod server? Would be it possible to make it as our backup site? 
  • voltzjeturian June 2014 Posts: 111 hi Rommel,I think it will still be available for use, but do not use it as your backup site because it has limited resource only. Its better if you use it only for development and testing only.

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