Embed a Twitter Feed

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This how-to guide is contributed by Mr. Eric Colmenares of DOST - Region XI.
PDF document can be downloaded in here - http://i.gov.ph/ao39/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/How-To-Series_Embed-a-Twitter-Feed.pdf''

Embed a Twitter Feed

1. Log on to your Twitter account. On the top right side of the page, click the Gear icon > Settings.

twitter settings

2. Click on Widgets at the left menu and click on Create New.


3. Enter your desired configuration options and click on Create widget.

twitter configuration

4. On your newly created widget, click Edit.

twitter edit

5. Copy the HTML code generated by Twitter.


6. Log in your Joomla Administration page. Navigate to Extensions > Module Manager.


7. Click New.


8. Click on Custom HTML.


9. Paste the HTML code you copied from Twitter to the space provided in the Custom HTML module. Fill up the Title field and set the optional configurations. Click Save & Close.

NOTE: When using JCE, some code may be missing when editing your Custom HTML module. To solve this, make the necessary changes in the JCE configuration found at Compoents > JCE Editor > Control Panel.

twitter joomla paste code

10. Check your Twitter module on the front-end and make the necessary adjustments.


11. To display a list of feeds, add the specific feeds to a list and use the list in creating the widget.

twitter feeds

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