How to display an RSS feed

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  • Go to Extensions >> Module Manager
  • Click the 'New' button and click on Feed Display. The Feed Display module shows an RSS News Feed from a website. 
  • Fill in the module details.
  • The Feed Display Module must have a title.
  • Save and display the module like any other module.

 Module Details


  • Feed URL: Enter the URL of the RSS/ATOM feed
  • RTL Feed: (Yes/No). Display feed in Right to Left (RTL) direction
  • Feed Title: (Yes/No). Display news feed title
  • Feed Description: (Yes/No). Show the description text for the entire feed
  • Feed Image: (Yes/No). Show the image associated with the entire feed
  • Feed Items: Enter number of RSS items to display
  • Item Description: (Yes/No). Show the description or intro text of individual RSS items
  • Word Count: Allows you to limit the amount of visible item description text. 0 will show all the text

how to display an rss feed

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 Alternative Method


An alternative way to display an RSS feed is to use the News Feeds component that comes with Joomla.

  • In the administrator page, go to Components >> News Feeds
  • In the component, you can manage your news feeds and assign them to categories.
  • To show the feeds on the front end, make a component link in your menu.
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