How to fix the "Application Instantiation Error" for Joomla!

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Fixing "Application Instantiation Error" for Joomla!

Check all the database details under the configuration.php

Go to your Cpanel Account and Log in.

Go to your cPanel > filemanager.jpg FileManager and under public_html open and edit your configuration.php 

Search for the following values:

1. For public $host, use the following:

  • – (production - 01)
  • – (production - 02)
  • localhost – (development/staging - stg01/stg02)

2. For public $db, public $user, and public $password they can be found and edited under the cPanel > mysql.gif MySQL Databases.

  • public $db - database name
  • public $user - database username
  • public $password - database password

Under the Current Databases, you can find both the database name and database user.
mysql1 copy.png

Under the Current User, you can find the Set Password to change the database password.
mysql2 copy.png

    *Always check for the password first either by changing or rewriting. Incorrect password is the most common source of this error.

    *Also try checking the public $dbprefix which can be viewed on your cPanel > phpMyAdmin.gif PhpMyAdmin. Check the prefix or your database.


The following image may help you in troubleshooting your database error.

Checking db errors.png

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