Migrating from the Development Server to the Production Server

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1. Login to your Development Server cPanel Account.

2. Download a backup of your Home Directory and a backup of your MySQL Database. See how.

3. Log out of your Development Server cPanel account.

4. Log in to your Production Server cPanel account.

5. From your cPanel homepage, click backup.png under the FILES section.

6. Choose the backup file/s to restore your MySQL Database.


7. A new window, similar to the image below will appear. After your files have been restored, close the window and go back to your cPanel Homepage.


8. Check if your MySQL database has been restored. From the cPanel Homepage, click mysqldatabases.png. Take note of the database name. 

9. Add a new database user. This may or may not be similar to your Development Server database user. Take note of the username

    and password you have created. Pair the new user to the database you created earlier.

10. Go back to cPanel Homepage and click backup.png under the FILES section. 

11. This time restore your Home Directory


       After all files have been restored, close the window and go back to cPanel Homepage.

12. From your cPanel Homepage. Go to filemanager.pngto check if all your files have been restored.

      If files are missing, upload them manually. See how.

13. Update your website's configuration files. 

  • For Joomla users, select  configuration.php and click on the codeeditor.png icon.

           Update the following lines:

: public $user = 'yourdbusernamehere';
: public $password = 'yourdbpasswordhere';
: public $db = 'yourdbnamehere';
: public $dbprefix = 'yourtableprefix';
: public $log_path = '/home/<yourcpanelusername>/public_html/logs';
: public $tmp_path = '/home/<yourcpanelusername>/public_html/tmp';

  • For WordPress users, select wp-config.php and click on the codeeditor.png icon.
Update the following lines:

: define('DB_NAME', 'yourdbnamehere');
: define('DB_USER', 'yourdbuserhere');
: define('DB_PASSWORD', 'yourdbpasswordhere');
: $table_prefix = 'yourtableprefix';

After updating the lines, make sure to click the icon savechanges.png located at the top right corner of the window.

14. Verify if your website is loading properly. 

      If your domain is hosted at DOST-ASTI or at DOST-ICTO, email [email protected] to have your domain's address record point to the

      GWHS production server.

      If you encounter any issues/difficulties in migration from the GWHS development server to the production server, email [email protected].

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