Migration Procedure from Localhost to Development server

Last modified by Jonaliza Binuhe on 2015/10/22 13:55

  1. Compressed the files to be migrated from your local web server (localhost) in *.zip or *.tar.gz.

  2. Export an SQL file using your local PhpMyAdmin (localhost/phpmyadmin).

  3. Log In to your cPanel Account

  4. Create and configure the database From cPanel
    a. Go to your cPanel > mysql.gif MySQL Database
    b. Create a database name
    c. Create a database username and password
    d. Then click Add in "Add a User to Database"
    e. Check "All Privileges" and click "Make Changes"

  5. Import the SQL file
    a. Go to  cPanel > phpMyAdmin.gif PhpMyAdmin
    b. Select the database name you created.
    b. Import the exported SQL file from your local server.
  6. Upload the compressed file to cPanel
    a. Go to your cPanel >  filemanager.jpg FileManager (under public_html)
    b. Upload the compressed file
    c. Decompressed/unpack the compressed file
    d. Delete the compressed file

  7. Configuration of the config file.
    • wp-config.php (for wordpress)
    • configuration.php (for joomla)
    • settings.php (for drupal)
      Go to the cPanel > filemanager.jpg FileManager and search for the config file
      Within the config file, check and fill up the following with the right information:

      a. Database host
          Use the following:

      • localhost – (development/staging - stg01/stg02)

      b. Database name
      c. Database user/username
      d. Database password
      e. Database prefix

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