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Accessing your cPanel Account

To access cPanel,

  1. Input your cPanel URL in your browser. The cPanel URL will be emailed by the GWHS Administrator, along with your cPanel login credentials.
  2. Enter your cPanel username into the Username field.
  3. Enter your cPanel password into the Password field.
  4. Click the Login button or press Enter.

If this is your first time to access your account, you will be greeted by a cPanel Login Security page. Input the security questions and answers for your account.

IMPORTANT: Answers to your security questions are case-sensitive.

cPanel Login page

Upon confirmation of your security questions, you will be directed to the cPanel Administration Page. For first time users of cPanel, it is recommended for you to complete the Getting Started Wizard.

cPanel Upload page

For a more comprehensive guide on administering websites through cPanel, refer to the cPanel User Guide - http://docs.cpanel.net/twiki/bin/view/AllDocumentation/CpanelDocs/WebHome.

Configuring your Database

To configure your database,

  1. Click on the MySQL Database Wizard icon to create a new database and a database user. This feature can be accessed at Home > Databases > MySQL Database Wizard. Please take note of the database, database user, and user password that will be created in the process.
  2. Create your database (prefixed with the account user name).
  3. Create your database user. As much as possible, please use the password generator to create strong passwords.
  4. Add user to the database. Select the All Privileges checkbox.
  5. Click on Return Home.

Importing your Database

To import your database,

  1. Click on the _phpMyAdmin icon. This can be found under the Databases tab.
  2. Click on your database.
  3. Go to the Import tab.
  4. Import your database dump file in .sql or in a compressed format (.zip, .gz, .tar.gz) and click on Go.
  5. The following message will show if you have successfully imported your database.


If you have experienced errors upon importing your database, go to the MySQL Documentation Site at http://dev.mysql.com/doc/ or email helpdesk@i.gov.ph with screenshots and details of the generated error/s.

Uploading your Source Files

To upload your source files,

  • Go to your File Manager. This feature can be accessed at Home > Files > File Manager. When you open File Manager, the File Manager Directory Selection window will appear.

  • Select Web Root (public_html/www) and the Show Hidden Files check box, then click on Go. The File Manager interface will open in a new browser window.

cpanel file manager
  • Click on the Upload icon.
  • Select the compressed file of your website directory. cPanel supports the following compression formats:
    • Zip (.zip)
    • Tar (.tar)
    • Gzipped Tar (.tar.gz, .tgz)
    • BZip2ed Tar (.tar.bz2, .tbz, .tbz2)
Wait until cPanel has completed uploading your compressed file.
cpanel upload complete
  • Click the link going back to your home directory.
  • Extract your compressed file to your home directory (/public_html).
Cpanel upload extract

Make sure that your website files are placed on the public_html directory and are not enclosed in a subdirectory.

  • For Joomla users, edit your configuration.php file by selecting >configuration.php and clicking on the Code Editor icon.

Update the following lines:

: public $user = 'yourdbusernamehere';
: public $password = 'yourdbpasswordhere';
: public $db = 'yourdbnamehere';
: public $dbprefix = 'yourtableprefix';
: public $log_path = '/home/<yourcpanelusername>/public_html/logs';
: public $tmp_path = '/home/<yourcpanelusername>/public_html/tmp';

Click on Save Changes.
  • For WordPress users, edit your wp-config.php file by selecting wp-config.php and clicking on the Code Editor icon.
Update the following lines:
: define('DB_NAME', 'yourdbnamehere');
: define('DB_USER', 'yourdbuserhere');
: define('DB_PASSWORD', 'yourdbpasswordhere');
: $table_prefix = 'yourtableprefix';
Click on Save Changes.
  • Verify if your website is loading properly.
  • If you have encountered any errors/issues/difficulties in uploading your websites, email [helpdesk@i.gov.ph].
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