How to file a support request in the iGovPhil Helpdesk

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Use a modern browser with JavaScript support enabled when accessing the iGovPhil Helpdesk system. There are browser versions that are not supported such as Internet Explorer 8 and below, Firefox version 10 and below, and Safari version 5 and below.

The iGovPhil Helpdesk can be reached by typing on your web browser's address bar.


If you are not a registered user yet, sign up for an account by clicking on the “Sign up now” link.

Fill out the fields in the “Create Account” form. All fields are required.

Click the “Create” button to continue. An email notification will be sent to your registered email address with your Helpdesk account username and password.

For Registered Users

To enter the iGovPhil Helpdesk, simply input your username and password in the log in page and click on “Log In”.


New Ticket

To create a new ticket, click on the New Ticket” menu.

IMPORTANT: Before you file a new ticket, please check if a solution to your support request has already been answered in the iGovPhil FAQ, iGovPhil Forum or the iGovPhil Wiki. If you have multiple issues to report, please file separate tickets in the  iGovPhil Help Desk portal.


  • On the *To field, select the product or service that relates to your request


  • On *Subject field, provide a brief description that will be summarize your support request.

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  • On the next field, provide a detailed description of your support request. If your request pertains to a technical issue on any of the iGovPhil services, please provide a detailed description of the issue. Include information such as:
    • The support ID (if any)
    • Software version
    • Server configuration (Web server, Database, PHP version, Application version, IP address, etc.)
    • URL
    • List of activated application (or extensions/plugins)
    • Recent changes that were implemented
    • Error logs (web server logs, application logs, browser logs, network logs, etc.)
    • Content of your configuration file/s.
    • Actions you have taken
    • Frequency of the issue
    • Browser used
    • Other relevant information that can help in the resolution of the ticket

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 3.04.59 PM.png

  • Steps to reproduce the problem. Briefly explain the process of who we can replicate the problem (e.g. 1. access this URL, 2. login to this account, 3. do this). Describe the expected results and the actual results.

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  • To upload a file from your computer that is related to the subject, click on the “Choose File” button to attach it to the ticket. 


  • In the "Priority" field, select the appropriate priority level. This can be determined by the severity of your problem. The default priority is “3 Normal”.
    • 1 [very low] : The issue does not interrupt any service and can be addressed at a later time.
    • 2 [low] : The issue has very minimal impact on a service and can be addressed at a later time.
    • 3 [normal] : The issue has minimal impact on a service and can be addressed by a workaround fix.
    • 4 [high] : The issue may cause interruption to any service and needs to be addressed soon.
    • 5 [very high] : The issue causes serious interruption to a service and needs to be addressed immediately.


  • Submit: Click this button to send the request to the Helpdesk Agent.


After submitting the “New Ticket” form, the request will automatically display in the Dashboard – My Tickets page under “Open” ticket list. It can also be viewed in the “All” tickets list. The created ticket will be sent to the Helpdesk agent. Wait for a response. A response from the Helpdesk agent will appear in bold letters or highlighted line in the Dashboard – My Tickets view.

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